4 Facts You Should Know About Back Pain

Image by Angelo Esslinger from Pixabay

Physiotherapists, as we all know, help you to alleviate body pains and recover from injuries. Physiotherapists help people lead an active lifestyle and deal with different kinds of back pains. Different people experience some kind of back pain, which a qualified physiotherapy expert could identify and recommend a solution that works for you.  To give you more insight about back pain, here are 4 facts you should know:

Not all Back Pains are the Same:

Back pains could just be a simple and dull ache, or it might be as intense as though your muscles are being ripped apart. Back pain might also come frequently with sharp pains. Sometimes it may also cause a prickling sensation. All of this means that back pains are not all the same. A physiotherapy professional would be able to describe to you the different kinds of back pain. They have the ability to detect the type of back pain you have, for which an effective solution will be suggested to you.

Leg Pain could Emanate from Back Pain:

This might be a little confusing to some, but back pain could also cause leg pain in certain cases. Leg pains do not always originate from the leg. One could have calf pain even when there’s no back pain due to an irritated nerve in the back. This again depends as to what extent the nerve is affected, and how far it is impacted. The back works well at this time, however when the lower back part is irritated, you could experience leg pain.

Rigorous Activities Everyday Could Strain Your Back:

People who involve in energy-demanding activities such as extreme sports on a daily basis will have more back pain. However, such instances of back pain are often found in those who involve in outdoor gaming such as golf or softball only during weekends. Professional athletes, on the other hand, go through training so as to condition their bodies and adapt themselves to intense physical activities. This is why a physio in Perth suggests you to try and remain active on a regular basis with proper exercise for an overall good health.

Foods Could Help Reduce Your Back Pain:

What you eat everyday will supply the right nutrients and reduce back pain as well. Unhealthy food choices do impact your overall health, meaning it could worsen your back pain. Hence, it is vital that you are mindful about what you eat. Foods that reduce back pain include cherries, onion, garlic, and broccoli.

Different kinds of back pain are treated in different ways. No matter the type of back pain you have, an expert in physiotherapy does have the experience and knowledge to give you an effective solution. They will also provide suggestions to improve your back health by adopting healthy lifestyle habits every day.