Recover After Workouts

There are times when a workout session feels like a breeze, you seem to have more energy than you need and each step is an encouragement for you to take the next one, your breathing is on point and you could go on for ages.

Such sessions can be attained more often if you master the recovery procedure. There are two things that you should not miss in your recovery routine.

  • The right food
  • Sufficient sleep

You may engage in other recovery procedures and no doubt they are helpful, but if you neglect your nutrition and rest, everything else will just be in vain it will not be long before you even need Perth physiotherapy.

Nutrition for Recovery

The nutrition you need depends on how intense the workout is. In some cases, there is even no need to have special nutrition from what you usually have. For example, people who workout once or twice a week, they can carry on with the usual diet they have every day.

For athletes who may work out on a daily basis, there is a higher demand to replenish the nutrients that are depleted during the workout. This helps to provide fuel for the next workout. During an intense workout, there is depletion of electrolytes, glycogen, and water. Major organs like the liver will need these to be replenished if the body is to perform efficiently for the next workout.

Advise from physio Perth encourages athletes to have 2 recovery nutrition sessions. It all starts within 30 minutes of the workout. Again after 2 to 3 hours of the workout, the second refueling session should take place.

First Recovery Session

After an intense workout, the body needs to replenish electrolytes, proteins, and carbohydrates. Within 30 minutes after exercising, it is important to have a drink that contains sodium as well as water to re-hydrate the body. If a sodium drink is not available, food containing sodium and water can substitute it.

It is also important to replenish proteins and carbohydrates necessary for muscle recovery. It is recommended that you eat an amount that corresponds to the amount of weight loss during the workout. Smoothies are a great way to combine all the necessary nutrients needed after the workout. Vitamins A and C may also be taken as they act as antioxidants.

Second Recovery Session

This needs to be within 2 to 3 hours after the workout. The second recovery meal should include whole foods. Fat, Protein and carbohydrates should be included in this meal. This meal should not be taken later than the 2 to 3 hours recommended.

It is also important to cool off as this will prevent further loss of fluids from the body. Drinking a cool drink or sitting in a cool area will help.


This is the other very important recovery procedure. Sleep helps the body repair itself. An adult is expected to get 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night and 30 minutes of rest in the afternoon. You can also consider physiotherapy Perth for better recovery. Sleep helps to make the body and mind prepared for the next workout session.

You may ask your Perth Physiotherapy specialist to provide other recovery practices to supplement these major procedures.