Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage Perth is now more popular among people with muscle or joints cramps of unbearable pain. We are not working on the fields as our ancestors used to, we live more sedentary or not extremely active life, and then once in a while, we think about changing it. And then it happens, muscle or joints cramps, or even damage overworking them. This, of course, is a good case scenario. There are patients who suffer from chronic or increasing pain due to an accident, or they are in a need for restoration of their cramped body parts.

The phases and facts about deep tissue massage will help you to consider this kind of therapy.

The Phase of Listening

The technique used for deep tissue massage Perth is very different from the Swedish one. The critical word here is the word deep, it describes the technique, not the spot to be massaged on.

The muscle during this technique will be massaged using focused strokes and slow flow of the strokes, even the tendons and fascia will be included. This makes the tissue to accept the pressure.

As soon as the massage therapist finds the affected area, he will be applying more friction to make the tissue to open and to allow more blood flow. The whole area will start to soften and stretch. And because this technique asks for finding the spot and trying to release the stuck spot, the first phase of this massage is called listening.

The Phase of Communication

Your therapist should and will ask questions about where and how much it hurts. It is not enough to express the pain in just facial mimics. You need to use words, as exact as possible, to describe the spot, the depth, the feeling, the pressure you are exposed to.

And he will attend the pain area accordingly, more or less pressure issued to massage the spot.

The Phase of Self-care

Leaving the remedial massage Perth centre does not mean it is over. The self-care phase is more important than the massage itself.

First of all, you should inform the therapist if you bruise or not easily, about your diet, general health or taking any medications. This will determine whether the massage is accepted by your body to get the help needed.

The bruises in the self-care phase will be treated with the application of ice, or topical analgesics, or creams. Consider taking some time to relax and rest after each massage session, as probably more than one session will be needed to feel the relief. You may also consider pregnancy massage Perth.

And remember, your muscles and joints overuse brought you here. So try to do your best with changes taken, to help your body function stress less.