Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is now a popular pain-relieving technique used in treating musculoskeletal injuries like strains. It normally entails applying a reasonable amount of pressure in the form of deep but slow strokes to reach out to the inner muscle layers. Deep tissue massage ensures that scar tissues are broken up, thereby mitigating the tension in the muscles and facilitating faster recuperation. Make an appointment today with deep tissue massage Perth and benefit from the outstanding merits that massage has to your body health wise. Here are a few more issues you need to know concerning massaging and deep tissue massage to be particular.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

This form of massage therapy like remedial massage Perth is known to be very effective in relieving tension in the muscles. It not only has physical benefits to the human body but could help the patient unwind psychologically too. It has been for years used by massage therapists in alienating muscle pain and even reducing stiffness in the human body. Deep tissue massage also seeks to serve the basic purpose for which it was invented and that is focusing on the relaxation of the patient through easing their body. Tissue massage can be relevant to situations like fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, and even plantar fasciitis.

Different from the Famous Swedish Massage

Pressure is the key determinant driving these two types of massages. Both of these techniques could be similar starting from the stroking but vary greatly in the amount of pressure used distinctively in each case. While deep tissue massage’s main intention is treating chronic pain and muscle related injuries, Swedish massage focuses more on the relaxation effect and minimises the muscle tension created by the day to day activities different people partake.

Since pleasure is the key in Swedish massages, pressure has to be minimum but gentler to give the relaxing sensation. Deep tissue massage, on the other hand, is a form of treatment and that could have deep and high-pressure strokes aimed at calming the muscle tension and facilitate faster healing. Both of these massaging techniques rely on the proper use of fingers and palms during the process. Tissue massage can, however, be a little intense and need the softer use of elbows and even forearms at times.

Side Effects of Deep Tissue Massage

It is normal to experience protracted pain after a deep tissue massage Perth, but it is never quite that serious. To relieve yourself from this kind of pain, use cold packs or better still heating pads could do the job for you. While deep tissue massage could work out just fine for most people, consider talking to your doctor as the high pressure used may not be safe for everyone. It is especially risky if you

  • Are using blood thinners
  • Undergoing chemotherapy or even radiation for cancer treatment
  • Have a prolonged history of a clotting disorder.

Remember not to book your appointment with deep tissue massage Perth if you have open wounds on your skin as this could have an adverse effect and even facilitate worsening of the wounds. Good luck with your massage sessions and hopefully you get the relaxing sensation you seek before returning to work.