Deep Tissue Massage

Massage therapy, in general, imparts great relaxation and rejuvenation when you need it. Deep tissue massage in Perth has been known to offer therapeutic effects as it could repair muscles, joints, and tissues. Deep tissue massage refers to the technique that targets the deep layers of the muscle and fascia of the body. Fascia is the layer of connective tissue right under the skin. Here are some of the health benefits of this massage technique:

Lowers Blood Pressure:

As deep tissue massage targets the deep layers of the body tissue, it helps with blood circulation. Deep tissue massage helps in lowering blood pressure easily, according to studies. A deep tissue massage session that lasts approximately an hour will be effective for the same.

Reduces Back Pain:

Several people today experience low back pain, owing to the sedentary lifestyle habits. Research has found that deep tissue massage does help to reduce back pain. Remedial massage in Perth has the ability to loosen muscles and perform proper blood circulation in the lower back areas, thereby reducing pain.

Relief from Anxiety and Stress:

Life could get really stressful for various reasons, and this is when deep tissue massage would be helpful. Muscle tension would lead to inflammation, which further leads to stress. Obtaining deep tissue massage will stimulate the production of a hormone known as Oxytocin. Oxytocin is a ‘feel-good’ hormone that generates positive emotions and is a great stress reliever.

Controls Labour Pain:

Labour pain is often described as one of the most painful experiences one could face. Studies have revealed that pregnancy massage in Perth helps in controlling labour pain. Expectant mothers who received massage therapy have experienced a decrease in anxiety, depression, back pain, and leg pain as well. Massage therapy has also helped in lowering prematurity, as well as reducing labour durations by up to 3 hours on average.

Rehabilitation of Muscles:

Professional athletes usually have to endure muscle injuries. The field of sports medicine suggests deep tissue massage, as it has been proven to improve blood flow, better well-being, and reduce muscle tension. Besides these physical benefits, massage therapy also contributes to enhanced psychological effects as well. Massaging post-exercise is effective in reducing the severity of sore muscles. This eventually is helpful for athletes with regards to performance and recovery.

Reduces Symptoms of Arthritis:

Arthritis impacts the quality of life and it could be painful. Performing deep tissue massage in Perth does help reduce pain and stiffness, while also improving the range of motion, hand grip strength, and the functionality of joints.

Deep tissue massage is distinct from other kinds of massage therapies as it effects the deeper layers of muscles and tissues. This technique would be helpful for those having regular aches and pains. Get in touch with an expert to see how they could help you out.