Maintaining proper posture does benefit your overall health. However, several people these days lead a sedentary lifestyle as they spend a majority of their time in front of the screens. This has indeed affected the way we pay attention to our posture. Posture has a big impact on our overall health. Slinking, hunching, or slouching could all lead to physical pains and aches. According to a physiotherapy expert, here are the 6 benefits of maintaining a good posture:

Improved Energy levels:

Our bodies are designed in a way that it works efficiently when its parts are in alignment. When our bones and joints are properly aligned, it helps our muscles to work just as intended, and improves blood flow/circulation. This further results in reduced fatigue and improved energy levels.

Better Lung Capacity:

When you need to yawn, you stretch your body and as the chest expands, you breathe in all the oxygen. The physiotherapy expert says that yawning will help to open up physically, whereas slouching will compress the lungs. Sitting or standing with a good posture will allow your lungs to expand and increase the capacity, thus improving your breathing. Sit up with a tall posture, and to open up your lungs, take three deep breaths. Doing this few times a day will help improve your lung capacity.

Less Strain on the Necks and Shoulders:

When you are constantly using your smartphone, you look down for an extended period of time, thus straining your shoulder, upper back, and neck. Maintaining proper alignment will reduce this stress on the joints and ligaments. If you try looking ahead for a week or two, you would experience reduced strain on the neck and shoulders. Applying ice or heat in the neck and shoulder area will be useful as well.

Better Digestion:

When you hunch forward, it leads to poor blood circulation and less efficient organ function. When your body is properly aligned, it facilitates the digestion process. Be seated in a way that your hips touch the back of your chair and that your feet are on the ground for support. Relax your neck muscles and keep your shoulder back. Follow this, and you’d be able to make it a habit.

Less Headaches:

There are various reasons for people to suffer from headaches, and poor posture is one of them. The physiotherapy expert explains that poor posture would lead to increased muscle tension in the back of the neck, thus contributing to headaches. When the posture is corrected, muscle tension would be reduced, thus preventing headaches.

Improved Core Strength:

Good posture will also help improve the core strength as the upper back muscles are engaged. Maintaining a good posture while sitting or standing will make your core stronger every day, which helps with your ab workouts.

These are some of the health benefits of maintaining a good posture. If you have frequent body aches or other problems, a qualified physio in Perth will be able to devise a proper treatment plan.