Physiotherapy for Neck Pain

Working long hours, whether in the office or in a factory or just using a not suitable pillow, could cause you neck pain. Sometimes it will be minor pain, but in some cases, it may become chronic pain. This pain cannot be overcome without help. In physio Perth facility they consider this pain to be one of the most common aches, why patients seek for help and relief treatment.

The Epitome of Neck Pain

More than 20% of the adult population will suffer from neck pain at least once in their life.

Mostly the office workers and people living in cities, as well as women and people of wealthy countries endure this uncomfortable experience. Recurrent as this pain is, you need to treat it. Otherwise, it will stay, reappearing quite frequently during your life. As usual, age plays an important role too. Patients suffering from neck pain are usually over 35 years old.

The Estimation of the Physiotherapy for Neck Pain

A full check-up by a Perth physiotherapy specialist is needed. He usually tries to discover what contributes to your neck pain problem. You would undergo tests to determine if these pain promoting factors may be changed.

The possible causes of neck pain are: wrong body posture while sitting or standing, or even in your sleep, neck trauma or accident, lifestyle, especially sedentary, inappropriate or extreme neck motions, wrong sitting posture at your office desk, weakened muscles in your neck area, wrong or weak position in your shoulder blade, of course, predisposed pain history in family, joint stiffness, hypersensitivity of your nervous system, but even anxiety or stress.

To assess the seriousness of your neck pain, it is important to understand first the circumstances or factors causing your pain. The test to undergo might include checking up your muscular system or even your neurological system. The joints throughout your body may be harmed too.

Only after receiving the results of all the medical examinations will it be possible to suggest a specific relief treatment.

The Neck Pain Physiotherapy Treatment

The neck pain of each specific patient is very different from the other patient’s pain. The specialist will decide on the unique treatment plan to the patient’s unique problem. Mostly applied is the combination of exercise and hands-on therapy, also called manual.

As the neck area is very sensitive and extremely easy to be harmed, your specialist needs to be an experienced one and using the appropriate tools to make you feel relieved. Some lifestyle changes may be suggested like office seat modification, massage, education in the latest scientific results, and support visits of the behavioural therapist to help you overcome the anxiety, stress or depression.

The Right Therapy

In the Physiotherapy Perth facility, you will be treated accordingly to the factors which cause you neck pain and to the lifestyle or other conditions which collide and oppose to being pain-free.

Do not expect immediate relief, the neck pain treatment is a lifelong, consistent work in progress of Perth physiotherapy and exercise.