Massage points

Most massages will focus on the same areas known to experience the most tension. If you had a deep tissue massage Perth then the neck, shoulders, and back are the points that will get a lot of attention and no doubt you will feel a lot more relaxed after that. But there are other points in the body that are never or seldom attended to and yet they too can offer a lot of relief and they have nerve endings that can stimulate wellbeing. Here are some of those points.

The Thumb

Surprised? You shouldn’t be, the thumb along with the other fingers have a lot of nerve endings and we spend the whole day using them for different things. At the end of the day, they can feel a bit stiff or you may feel some pain in your thumb. Giving the thumb a good rub along with the other fingers can help to release tension. The nerve endings in the fingers which promote the sense of touch can be stimulated by a massage and this can cause relaxation.


The muscles here are used quite often and yet they do not get enough attention. A remedial massage Perth can provide the kind of massage you would need after sitting or walking for long. There are a number of techniques used to massage the buttocks and this includes deep rubs, friction on the surface as well as compression.


Ears are home to a number of reflex points, massaging the ears can affect whole-body relaxation. The point just above the inner ear which is called the gate to heaven will provide the most effective release. If a person is experiencing anxiety, this point can be pressed gently or rubbed and they will begin to relax. It even works when you have a headache. The great thing about massaging the ear is you can even do it yourself and gain the same relief as you would if a professional masseuse was doing it.


Are you experiencing indigestion? Well, a stomach massage may be just what the doctor ordered. Studies have shown that massaging the stomach can improve the way we digest our food. Massaging the stomach also improves blood flow around that area. Even for pregnant people, pregnancy massage Perth can help to settle the baby as well as the mother.


Every second we are breathing and the diaphragm muscles are constantly working, it is only natural that these muscles get some attention during a massage. Massaging the diaphragm will ease pain and maintain overall health.


The wrist is an acupressure point that can help to calm a racing heart. People with anxiety can benefit from a wrist massage. Applying pressure to the point just below the wrist can help to calm the heart. It is also common for people to wear wrist bands that they can pull and release onto this point and that helps to deal with anxiety. This is an easy to reach massage point that you can do on your own.

Now you know some of the points in the body that you should not neglect as you get your deep tissue massage Perth. The value of massaging every part of the body can be felt almost immediately. Happy relaxation.