Massage Therapy

Professional massage therapists offer deep tissue massage in Perth and other effective massage therapies that help with relaxation and healing. When proper massage techniques are adopted, injuries and other health problems could both be prevented and healed. However, there has been several myths about massage therapy in general, and here are some of the popular ones debunked for you:

Myth 1: All massages are the same

Fact: Different types of massage therapies are intended for different purposes. For instance, sports massage therapy is meant for individuals who require more flexibility, enhancing their athletic performance, as well as to prevent or treat injuries. Whereas, deep tissue massage in Perth is meant to resolve muscle knots and other issues in the muscles and connective tissues.

Myth 2: Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Get a Massage:

Fact: Pregnant women often refrain from getting a massage as they fear of miscarriage. Several people are under the impression that massage therapy could release hormones that lead to labour. However, this is not true. There are pregnancy massage therapies that are meant to make expectant mothers feel relaxed. Pregnancy massage in Perth will help reduce the pains and aches in the body. By releasing stress hormones such as cortisol, pregnancy massage will also help lessen stress.

Myth 3: Massage Therapy Should be Painful to be Effective

Fact: Absolutely not. When getting a deep tissue massage, the person doesn’t have to necessarily feel the pain to know that the massage is effective. Deep tissue massages will involve the application of pressure onto different parts of the muscle. The intensity of pressure varies with different types of massages, hence the level of discomfort a patient experiences would vary.

Myth 4: Massages are Only Meant to Soothe Sore Muscles

Fact: Yes, massages have the ability to reduce tension, however there are several other benefits as well. Massage therapies will complement a person’s regular treatment. For instance, people suffering from PTSD could take up massage therapy to reduce the Cortisol levels. Massages also have the ability to strengthen the immune system.

Myth 5: Kids Cannot get Massage Therapy

Fact: Just like adults, children also feel a certain amount of stress, hence massage therapy would be beneficial for them. Gentle massages do help with digestion for babies with constipation. Massage therapy for kids would also reduce their anxiety levels, enhance blood circulation, and eliminate pain. Massages are usually helpful for children who are more physically active.

Another common misconception is that the patient isn’t supposed to distract the therapist when they feel pain or discomfort. Do not hesitate in interrupting the session if you feel uncomfortable. This will only pave the way for better results. Get in touch with an expert physiotherapist and see if they could provide you a custom remedial massage in Perth that resolves your problems.