All You Need To Know About Sports Massage

18 June 2018

Sports massage is one of the procedures that target the treatment of the soft tissues. The main aim to undergo sports massage is to gain recovery from personal injury or training or warm-up and relax before exercising or competition. The sports massage in Perth has been enhanced through the years by different physical therapists including physiotherapists, osteopaths and even the medical professionals. As these professionals don’t have enough time to treat soft tissue injury and this is why you need to reach a sports massage therapist.

The sports massage session incorporate warming-up, relaxation and making you ready for deeper work. Along with compressions, rubbing, longitudinal and cross-fibre friction, a specialist can use some other soft tissue methods such as myocardial, stretching, etc. These methods can improve flexibility.

Who Does Sports Massage?

You can get sports massage therapy done by a sports physio in Perth who provides massage as part of their jobs or a full-time therapy specialist. The therapist you choose should be skilled and well trained to handle your issue.

Benefits of Sports Massage

Some of the psychological effects and benefits of sports massage include

  • minimal muscle tension
  • increase flexibility
  • increase joint range of motion
  • improved relaxation
  • scar tissues improvement
  • the higher range of movement
  • mitochondrial development, which is the power station for muscle
  • better recovery by raising blood circulation to the affected spot

Some of the physical benefits of sports massage therapy are mentioned below

Improves Overall Flexibility

The sports massage helps to expand your muscles longitudinally and side to side as well as in multidirectional fashion. It can also have a similar impact on the muscular sheath and around the ligament by enabling the release of stored stress and pressure.

Increased Tissue Permeability

During sports massage, the tissue membrane’s microscopic holes will be enlarged, enabling the necessary nutrients and fluids to go through them easily. This helps to remove the waste materials such as lactic acid solution and leads to a situation by which the nutritional requirements and oxygen are quickly sent to the target muscles, enabling a fast recovery.

Improve the Micro Blood Flow

As like exercise, sports massage will boost the blood circulation to the targeted muscle tissues. Also, the blood vessels get dilate and allow nutrition and fresh air to be transported more conveniently.

Some of the physiological benefits of sports massage are mentioned below

Controls Pain

The combination of stress and waste materials in your muscle can create pain. By massaging the muscles, you can reduce the unpleasant feeling by its capability to minimise the anxiety and get rid of the waste products.

Stimulate Relaxation

The sports massage creates an environment that produces heat and increase blood flow and improves the flexibility.

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