An Overview on Sports Massage

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2 November 2017

Sports massage in Perth involves the manipulation of soft tissue of a person who is engaged in sports and physical activities. These soft tissues are tissues that are not hardened into your cartilage, bones, etc. Sports massage is specially designed to correct the imbalance and problems in soft tissue that is caused due to strenuous and repetitive physical activities and trauma. Sports massage, before and after exercise will prevent injury, aid recovery and enhance performance.

During Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapy in Perth uses many techniques to achieve their goal. Four types of sports massage therapies are mentioned below.

  • Pre-event sports massage: This type of massage is directed towards the various parts of your body that will involve in the exertion. It is a stimulating, short massage that is done 15 to 45 minutes before the event.
  • Post-event sports massage: This type of massage is given to normalize your body’s tissues within one or two hours of the event.
  • Restorative sports massage: This type of sports massage is given during the training of athlete to train harder without any injury.
  • Rehabilitative sports massage: This aims at relieving your pain caused due to an injury and helps your body to gain back their normal health.

Sports Massage – Benefits

The sports massage in Perth helps you to avoid the over-training syndrome and quick recovery from various trouble spots of your body. You can gain various benefits by undergoing sports massage, and few are mentioned below.

  • Sports massage helps to reduce your blood pressure level.
  • It helps to reduce your heart rate.
  • Sports massage improves blood flow in your body.
  • By doing sports massage, you can reduce your muscle tension.
  • You can enhance the flexibility of your muscles by performing sports massage.
  • It helps to relieve the pain caused by injuries.
  • Reduce the chance of injury.
  • Reduce the recovery time.

Sports massage is not only intended for the sportsperson, but also for individuals who involve in physical activities. Most people who are suffering from emotional, occupational or postural as a professional hazard can even qualify from sports massage since they suffer from injuries that are similar to the sports injury.

Key Principles of Sports Massage

The key principle of sports massage is to know “when what and why”, to apply the specific massage to the sportsperson. Timing refers to “when” the massage should be given; during recovery or maintenance period or pre-event or post-event, etc. Different techniques refer to “what” type of technique including effleurage, friction, vibration, shaking, stretching, compression, etc. is going to apply for the specific need. “Why” refers to the reason for undergoing the massage. The reasons may include improved blood flow, warm-up, increase flexibility, etc.  In general, the sports massage will help to increase the physical functionality of a sportsperson.

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