Boot Out your Knee Pain with the help of Clinical Pilates

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14 April 2017

In these contemporary days, we spend more time by sitting, we sit in front of our computers at the office and home, or we just travel in a vehicle to our workplace. We are getting less active, so our spine, muscles and body suffer various injuries. It’s time to help our body to feel better and healthier.

If you love the physical and mental benefits of running but are troubled by niggling knee pain, Clinical Pilates in Perth could be the answer for you.

  • Knee pain can be the result of the repetitive motion of running in individuals suffering from muscle imbalance and sub-optimal control of their stabilising muscles.
  • Only stretching your knees isn’t always the answer for freeing your tight muscles – for certain body types, it will contribute to further muscle tightening. Sports massage therapy in Perth is the one that helps to relieve your muscle tension, stiffness and pain.
  • Clinical Pilates is an excellent movement retraining technique and is a very effective method of activating the unsung heroes – stabilising muscles.
  • Clinical Pilates can be more beneficial than mat classes or group reformer since the physiotherapist will tailor exercises to target your individual needs and monitor the progress. The one-on-one and maximum two-on-one ratio enable the therapist to correct your technique continually.
  • This focus on retraining movement patterns for long-term management of knee pain will assist in improving your running efficiency.

Even though many exercises are effective and ideal, it would be more worthy if you adopted a single exercise routine that may help you to achieve your goal fast and easily. Clinical Pilates in Perth is such an exercise routine. Relief from your knee pain and having a more efficient muscle system is surely a sound investment! So, don’t wait, get a Clinical Pilates in Perth today!

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