Clinical Pilates and It’s Benefits

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27 April 2017

Clinical Pilates is a form of physical exercise or Pilates that focuses on posture, core stability, balance, flexibility, control, strength, and breathing. It is often used in combination with physical therapy or sports massage therapy in Perth to help you recover from physical injuries or injuries after surgery. Now-a-days physiotherapy is combined with Clinical Pilates as a means of treating injuries on the neck and back. Clinical Pilates is based on the literature that demonstrates substantial evidence to support the use of therapeutic exercise in the management of patients, particularly with the low back pain. Clinical Pilates in Perth focuses on the recruitment and retraining of these stabilizing muscles as well as improving strength, posture, and flexibility.


You can gain numerous benefits by performing Clinical Pilates exercises, some are mentioned below.

  • Improved posture and core stability
  • Posture Correction.
  • Increased muscular strength and flexibility
  • Aiding rehabilitation
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Restoration of normal movement patterns
  • Enhanced breathing control
  • Prepares you for having a Baby.
  • Increased coordination and muscular control
  • Firmer and flatter stomach muscles
  • Strengthens Your Pelvic Floor
  • Improved overall body tone and fitness
  • Improved balance
  • Active Rehab for an Injury.

Although Pilates can be beneficial for patients with certain injuries, it should be specific to the individual and should not be used as a generic tool for everyone. Clinical Pilates identifies this crucial issue by applying selected exercises carefully to the patients with specific injuries. This ensures optimal gains, at the same time minimizing the likelihood of injury aggravation. If you are interested in beginning the clinical Pilates for your injury, then it is vital to have a review with your physiotherapist to assess the suitability of a core stability program for you.

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