Comparison between Relaxation and Remedial Massage

Relaxation and Remedial Massage
26 July 2017

Remedial massage is often confused with a relaxation massage. Though they both offer plenty of benefits and are quite efficient, their objectives are different. Remedial massage in Perth concentrates on solving a specific issue in your body while the relaxation massage is a source of pleasure.

Remedial massage

In Perth, remedial massage is more suitable for certain health needs and is usually performed by a registered massage therapist. Remedial massage is majorly given for reducing pain, correcting postural abnormalities and to increase your motion range. For example, if you are suffering from a recurrent lower back pain, your massage therapist would look for the underlying causes of the problem and would apply techniques that would help remedying it. It is typically done in a clinical setting. You would also be given physiotherapy or chiropractic care, depending on your requirements. You can experience the benefits immediately. And with repetitive appointments, you can achieve a long lasting effect. Your therapist would also evaluate your lifestyle habits that could contribute to the issue and would recommend suggestions to avoid them.

Relaxation massage

This is meant for loosening up your body and relaxing your mind. It would bring your body to an utmost state of relaxation with the release of pleasure hormones such as dopamine, endorphin, and serotonin and by reducing the stress-inducing hormones. Thus, they too provide therapeutic benefits in their own way.

If you are still unsure about what you want to have, have a consultation with a therapist and he/she would help choosing what is best for you.

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