Experts recommend Sports Massage Therapy for Everyone! Find out why!

Sports Massage Therapy
19 May 2017

An intense sports massage in Perth is like an intensive dose of medicine that relieves muscle pain and enhances mobility of limbs. Research reveals that sports massage therapy alone constituted over 36% of the treatment program administered to athletes participating in London Olympics 2012. However, sports massage is not just for the active athlete and can be highly beneficial for the sedentary corporate worker as well as a stay-at-home parent who is often found juggling multiple household chores.

Sports Massage does more than easing the pain and flexing the muscles!

Athletes love sports massage therapy in Perth because the massage uses different techniques to get rid of their soreness and bounce back with renewed energy and zeal. It reduces pain and loosens their stiff muscles thus allowing them to enjoy greater mobility. However, sports massage offers other benefits too which makes them an ideal choice for anyone. These benefits include:

  • The massage strokes help the body to relax and release the happy hormone called endorphin. Endorphin removes stress and anxiety and elates the mood of the individual – just what you need after a whole day with the kids!
  • It increases the flow of nutrients and blood through every part of the body that allowing the tissues and muscles to get more oxygen.
  • Removes metabolic wastes from the tissues and can therefore be made as an important part of detox programs. Sports massage when combined with the right food and good sleep can work miracles on the body.
  • Regular sports massage for people who spend 7-8 hours on desk can result in improved performance and better quality of life.
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