Few Reasons to Get Physiotherapy

Few Reasons to Get Physiotherapy
25 October 2017

Physiotherapists are professionals committed to helping their patients who are injured through various exercises, movements, and manual therapies. They help patients of all age to manage their pain and prevent diseases. Most patients suffering from back pain, neck strains and knee pain use over-the-counter ointments, painkillers, oils, etc. to get relief from pains. However, visiting a physiotherapist before the situation gets worst is a good idea to prevent bigger issues. Even though small aches and sprains need not require physiotherapy, here are few situations for which you should not avoid physiotherapy in Perth.

Got Injured while Playing

If you are a sportsperson, you know the importance of physiotherapy in Perth. When you got injured while playing, you need advice from an experienced physiotherapist to get back to normal by giving a chance to recover.

Pregnancy and Post-Pregnancy

During and after pregnancy, your body needs more attention and care to maintain your health in excellent condition. Due to changes in hormonal level, your ligaments that support your back gets soften and cause them to stretch. Also, your stomach and pelvis floor gets stretched due to the growth of your baby in the womb. If your joints are weak, it may cause injury to your back or pelvis. A physio in Perth can train you more exercises and techniques that help you to protect your body and recover faster after your delivery.


Everyone needs physiotherapy during both pre and post-surgery. Patients who are to undergo cardiac or chest surgery will be trained to cough properly after the surgery while supporting the wound site. The physiotherapist will teach every exercise that to be done after the surgery. Depending on the surgery, the patients will be taught various exercises that will help them to recover from their pain and health after their surgery.

Experiencing Severe Pain

A person may experience some degree of pain for few days after an injury. If the pain still increases, you need to visit a physiotherapist to get their advice and insight into the self-management of your pain with the help of various techniques and exercises that can be done at your home to relieve your pain.

If it hurts when you sit at your desk

People working in office need to sit at the same position for a long duration and feel stiff and rigid. Also, due to bad posture and sitting in the same chair for a long time, you may experience prolonged muscle and joint strain that leads to constant pain.

Physiotherapy is one of the holistic methods that could help you restore function and movement when you have been injured. Physiotherapy is the process of healing and strengthening the body and can be done not only by those who are affected seriously by injuries but also by those who are suffering from back pain and slight injury.

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