Five Differences between Clinical Pilates and Pilates

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30 May 2017

Contemporary lifestyle poses the risk of pain and injury to different body parts and hampers performance in more than one way. One trusted way of relieving overall body pain and refocusing on balance and better flexibility is Clinical Pilates.

What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is a form of Pilates that is used in combination with physical therapy. It aids in refocusing on posture, core strength, breathing, flexibility, pain, balance and control. Reliable centres that offer sports massage therapy in Perth offer Clinical Pilates programs too.

Difference between Clinical Pilates and Pilates

  • Clinical Pilates when compared to Pilates takes a more personalised way to impart treatment that meets the specific needs of an individual. The program can be modified to target specific muscles and go easy on certain levels to ensure that existing injuries are not aggravated.
  • Clinical Pilates in Perth is considered more appropriate for patients with injuries or with certain physical conditions that can increase the risk of injury.
  • Clinical Pilates unlike Pilates allows the incorporation of physiology principles into the treatment program.
  • As the treatment is in progress, more and more changes can be introduced into the program based on the response of the patient’s body and his changing needs. Pilates on the other hand is more fixed and is a generalised program too.
  • The trainer involved in both cases uses different approaches based on the specific knowledge they have. Not every Pilates therapist can conduct a Clinical Pilates program as the latter needs specialised expertise.
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