Is Pregnancy Massage Completely Safe and Recommended?

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13 March 2017

“Prenatal ankle massage can cause early labour!”

“Do not opt for a massage before you have crossed the 20 week mark!”

…Well, these are just some of the old wives stories making the rounds about prenatal massage (there are other ridiculous ones too). But what is the real purpose and truth behind the practice of prenatal massage therapy at Perth?

Read on and find out more!

To start with, medical research has proved that prenatal or pregnancy massage during all three trimesters is 100% safe for all women. Professional massage therapy at Perth, cannot and will not induce labour or result in miscarriage (generally the result of hormonal issues) for even the highest risk patients.

What does research say about massage therapy for pregnant women?

  • A research conducted as early as 1999 in the US proved that regular massage therapy for pregnant women resulted in reduced anxiety throughout the gestational period. Also, the incidence of premature labour and other labour related complications was lowered.
  • In 2012, The Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies mentioned that massage therapy along with the practice of Yoga can help pregnant women live a less painful life. The gestational age and the birth weight of the baby were also greater in those women.
  • Another study was conducted in 2004 with over 80 depressed pregnant women in their second trimester. The women were put through different types of treatment for their depression including massage therapy, muscle relaxation classes and so on. Women who underwent massage therapy showed the highest level of positive results.

Clearly, prenatal massage is safe and beneficial and there is no medical evidence thus far to prove it otherwise.

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