Some Important Facts about Cardiac Rehabilitation

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20 March 2017

Cardiac rehabilitation is an effective program to guide individuals who have been through heart problems like heart attack, heart surgery and so on. The main aim behind participating in a program linked to cardiac rehabilitation at Perth is to recover completely from the medical problem and also to prevent secondary complications.

Listed below are some important facts about cardiac rehabilitation.

Not everyone would be eligible for the cardiac rehabilitation program

While most of the patients who have suffered from problems like heart attack, heart failure, heart transplant, coronary complications or angioplasty benefit from the program, some may not be qualified to reap its benefits. Generally, secondary medical complications prohibit patients from being a part of the program connected with cardiac rehabilitation at Perth.

Does cardiac rehabilitation involve lifestyle changes too?

Yes. Apart from the exercise and education about good heart health, cardiac rehabilitation is a great opportunity to induce some big changes into one’s life. Practices like smoking and consumption of alcohol are discouraged and the art maintaining a healthy weight and consuming a balanced diet is taught. Concerns about sexual life are also clarified.

How can the body’s response to the treatment be measured?

Monitoring certain parameters like the heart rate, rating of the perceived exertion, level of dyspnoea can help the patient understand the impact of the rehabilitation program on the body. The specialists prescribing the program can help monitor these factors regularly.

Find a health centre that can offer the program with adherence to the recommendations of the National Heart Foundation of Australia and you can be 100% assured of great results.

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