Sport Massage Therapy for Athletes – What Makes You a Champion?

8 February 2018

The most obvious hindrance for athletes is “Delayed Onset Muscle soreness”, more generally known as DOMS. An Australian study involving 5 healthy men and women who performed a variety of exercises, has stated that sports massage plays an important role in easing DOMS. Also, this has been concluded that sports massage therapy has the power to alleviate DOMS by approx. 30% and reducing swelling.

This therapy also helps in increasing blood circulation that assist in the removal of toxins and other pain causing ailments. Now we are going to discuss few of the techniques followed by the experienced sports massage therapists in Perth.

Deep Tissue Trigger Point Pressure

This massage therapy helps to lessen muscle stiffness and eliminates soreness. Massage therapists in Perth applies firm pressure with their second and third fingers on the trigger points within muscle tissue and around the joint, and this alleviates your pain and muscle stiffness. While pressing these trigger points can be obviously painful, so tolerate the discomfort for the first 10 seconds.

Cross Fibre Friction Strokes

This sports massage therapy Perth is an alternative to deep tissue trigger point pressure procedure. In this procedure, massage therapists apply several firm strokes across the tight muscles. This technique aims at breaking and decreasing stress knots which were formed during an injury such as falls, breaks or sprains. Cross fibre friction strokes works best to enable the body in forming stronger and flexible tissue.


Compression massage is considered as the effective massage technique performed by placing hands over a tingled muscle area and pressing down onto the injured tissues. Hands are then moved to different areas and then repeated. Therapists of sports massage in Perth use compressions as an effective technique to cure a range of chronic spasms.

Sports Massage – What Makes You A Champion!

Sports massage therapy is geared towards each and every kind of athletes from world-class professional players to weekend joggers. Here are some of the benefits of having sports massage therapy:

  • Alleviate muscle tension
  • Improve recovery
  • Increasing blood circulation to the injured area
  • Develops Mitochondria, the power house for muscles

The experienced experts’ physiotherapy in Perth are specialised in diagnosing and managing sports and exercise-related injuries.


For everyone participating in regular workout or any sports related activities, sports massage therapy every week or two may be a great addition to your normal routine. It’s better to consult your Perth Massage Therapists nearby your area and choose the one who assist you in minimising pain and enhancing flexibility.

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