Sports massage: Cautions and Contraindications

Sports massage: Cautions and Contraindications
27 November 2017

Sports massage is a kind of remedial and preventive therapy that offers plenty of benefits to both athletes and non-athletes. The main focus of a sports massage therapy in Perth is to treat the damages endured by your muscles, joints and tendons due to sports injury or any other physical activity and restore their functioning. Other than that, sports massage also provides increased blood flow, enhanced lymphatic drainage, improvement in muscle flexibility, quicker recovery etc.  Nowadays, increasing number of athletes has begun to receive sports massage in Perth before an event to strengthen their muscles as it can boost their performance.

Regardless of sports massage benefits, you should not resort to sports massage therapy when you are suffering from any of the following conditions,

  • Ruptured muscles

At critical situations, there is a possibility of bleeding. In Perth, sports massage increases the blood flow. So, this might intensify the bleeding, causing tissue damage and late recovery. The same can be said for tendon ruptures.

  • Fever

It indicates that there is something wrong in your body. When you are suffering from a fever, your body attempts to identify and evict any kind of foreign bodies. In that case, increase in blood circulation could affect the way your body defends itself.

  • Skin or tissue infection

Apart from injuries, infections can also cause pain. When you receive sports massage at such condition, the infection could spread to the other areas of your body.

  • High blood pressure

It is a common condition in which the blood flows around your blood vessels at a higher pressure that exceeds the normal range. And people suffering from high blood pressure are not recommended to have sports massage in Perth.

  • Fractures

When the massage strokes are applied surrounding the region of the fracture, it enhances the circulation in that area which benefits you. But the application of massage at the fractured part can worsen the condition and could result in deformation of the limbs.

  • Bursitis

Bursa is a tiny sac of fluid that aids the tendons to move past bones at the joints. If it is inflamed, then the condition is termed as Bursitis. And people suffering from Bursitis need to avoid sports massage at any costs.

  • Open wounds

If there is any open wound, you will have to delay your massage session until a scar is formed properly over it. It can take up to 1 to 2 weeks.

If you have any doubts regarding this, consult with your doctor before undergoing any kind of massage therapy.

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