The Importance of Physiotherapy for Baby Boomers

31 January 2018

When you were a child, your parents cared for you. As you get older, you gain your own independence and rely on them less but you know they are still there if you need them. Being a great son/ daughter, it’s your responsibility to take care of your old-aged parents.

Is your parent suffering from arthritis, neck pain or muscle sprain? Would you believe there is a non-drug permanent cure for arthritis and improves strength and endurance? There is one – Physiotherapy!

Perth Physiotherapy can help seniors get back their freedom, whether they look for a long term relief or just they want to improve their mobility. This article is going to shed limelight on the importance of physiotherapy Perth for baby boomers.

Health Benefits of Physiotherapy

The physiotherapists in Perth are experienced and skilled in figuring out the injury and treating them. The health benefits of physiotherapy are listed below:

  • It can cure stroke, and Parkinson’s and all other neurological disorders. Moreover, it also helps the patients with damaged spinal cord and brain injury resulted in trauma.
  • Orthopaedic disorders such as arthritis and other spasms can also be cured with the help of physio in Perth.
  • All kinds of musculoskeletal pains & aches such as back and neck pain can also be treated.
  • Rehabilitation treatment after the heart attack is usually done by physiotherapy techniques.
  • Respiratory problems such as asthma, cystic fibrosis and chronic pulmonary diseases can also be cured with the help of physiotherapy techniques.

Techniques Used By Physiotherapist

To enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits, the experienced and skilled physiotherapist uses a wide range of techniques, and they are listed as follows.

Manual Manipulation

With this technique, the frequent movement of soft tissues helps to improve the blood circulation, and drained body fluid. It also helps in the relaxation of tight muscles and spasms.

Electrical Nerve Stimulation

A small electrical current are applied to the affected areas and this in turn blocks all the pain signals that are transferred to the brain.


Hope, you might aware of this technique! Yes, small needles are used to minimise the pain and maximise the functionality of the muscles by reducing the pain. Using this technique, the immune system and various functions of the body can also be regulated.

Role of Physiotherapist

Well-versed in all of the above mentioned techniques, the role of physiotherapist is much more! Physiotherapist cures back pain or sudden injury and copes the treatment of any kind of medical conditions such as asthma, chronic disorders, neurological and cardio respiratory problems etc.

Working with an experienced and skilled physiotherapist will not only help you to reduce pain but also improve endurance and enhances the overall mobility.

Wrapping Up,

It’s always difficult to see the health of your parents deteriorate and you might find it particularly hard if the parents suffer from arthritis or neurological disorder. But remember, by getting help from experienced physiotherapist in Perth, you can give back their independence and make daily tasks easier!

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