The Possible Treatments for Golf Injuries Using Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for Sports Injuries
11 April 2018

Golf isn’t considered to be a high-intensity sport like basketball or soccer. Yet, it requires a considerable athletic ability. This sport can offer many health benefits to the players. On an average, nearly 60 million people play golf around the world. An 18-hole round of golf amounts to 6-8 km of walk and burns nearly 1500 calories. However, it can be extremely demanding as well. Most of the golfing injuries result from overuse and stress to the rotator cuffs, spine, and joints. The swinging moment during the drive can cause severe pain in the lower back, especially for the professional golfers who swing harder. The amateurs are usually affected by elbow problems and tendon damages caused due to repetitive swings.

Wrist Injuries:

Mainly, the golfers suffer from ECU injury. ECU or Extensor Carpi Ulnaris is a skeletal muscle that extends the wrist. This muscle undergoes a lot of stress during the swing. The high force and excessive loading can aggravate the pain caused by this injury.

If this type of injury occurs, it is important to seek physiotherapy in Perth for removal of swelling from the injury site. In some cases, it may require load modification through effective massage treatment. They improve circulation and enhance the ease of movement with proper rehabilitation.

Elbow Pain:

Commonly, two types of pain can be caused to the elbows due to golfing activities. Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylalgia is a pain felt on the outer side of an elbow. Secondly, the golfer may experience medial epicondylalgia which is a pain occurring on the inner side of an elbow. It is also called golfers elbow. These pains are associated with high swinging load and overuse of muscles.

Depending on the stage of problem, you should consult a physio in Perth for curing elbow injuries and pain. It requires structured exercises to enhance the ability of tissues to withstand increasing loads and severity during the game. Manual therapies like sports massage can also help in relieving the pain.

Back Pain:

In golf, the player needs a coordinated movement from feet to the tips of fingers for an accurate swing. This twisting of neck, head, and trunk can cause back pain. The movements can be restricted and the performance of the player can be severely affected due to this injury and pain.

The players should refrain from extended activities to control the symptoms of lower back pain. Stretches and exercises should be done under the guidance of an experienced physiotherapist to promote normal movement. The initial phases of treatment may include soft tissue massages and hot packs to relieve the pain.

Shoulder Pain:

The swing action puts excessive load on the shoulder muscles and tendons. The problems are aggravated due to overuse. It causes rotator cuff tears, degeneration, and subacromial bursitis.

Here again, the treatment differs as per the severity of pain and stage of the problem. You should look for professional sports massage in Perth along with structured exercises for its treatment.

These are some probable gold injuries and their treatments using physiotherapy.

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