Things every athlete needs to know about sports massage

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30 November 2017

Sports massage in Perth offers a lot of benefits like increasing flexibility, boosting circulatory system, decreasing the risk of injury etc. it is recommended to have a sports massage therapy before a big tournament, after a stressful training session to remove soreness or even to egt pampered after working out vigorously for 6 days in a row.

Here are the key things you need to know about getting sports massage in Perth,

  • Stay hydrated before your massage session

You might have known that there are various reasons to drink plenty of water after having a sports massage such as removing the risk of soreness, flushing out toxins from the tissues and reducing post-massage discomfort. However, it is equally important to stay well-hydrated at the time of the massage. This is because without having enough water in your body, the blood flow becomes inactive and stagnant to process the toxins and the lactic acid supplied by the tissues during the massage. Also, connective tissues are more elastic when there is adequate water within you and as a result you won’t feel much pain the next morning.

  • Find a therapist who is specialized in sports massage

When you are choosing your massage therapist, make sure that they are highly trained in providing sports massage and have done this work before. Only a professional would know how to achieve the desired results without causing pain.

  • Communicate openly with your therapist

Though the level of pain varies from person to person, too much pain is not good. When you are experiencing exceeding pressure and pain, your brain progresses it differently and would contract your muscles to minimize the damage, which is the exact opposite of what you need. This is why most therapists would ask you repeatedly whether feel alright. Hence, when the pain becomes too much to bear, say it openly to your therapist and he/she would appreciate it.

  • Heat up your body

It is better to warm up before your massage session. By having a hot shower or bath, you can loosen up your body muscles and get into a relaxed state, which would help you attain more benefits from your massage therapy in Perth. Sports massage would enhance your blood circulation. So, be careful if you already have a high blood pressure.

  • Do it regularly

It can make the massage more effective. Though there is no fixed time interval, getting sports massage at least once in a fortnight is considered adequate. But if you are undergoing heavy training and often need to work in a stressful environment, have massage sessions more frequently.

These tips would help you make the most out of the sports massage.

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