Three Common Questions about Clinical Pilates Answered!

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6 March 2017

From general fitness and toning to specialised pain management for athletes and other sports people, Clinical Pilates at Perth, is an effective form of treatment for people of all ages. Clinical Pilates is not the same as Pilates and must be practiced with a help of a specialised trainer.

Find below the answers to some of the common queries about this form of training.

Who is the best candidate for clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates at Perth is in fact beneficial to all types of people. It does not matter if you are an adolescent looking to enhance the flexibility of your body, a young adult wanting to tone up the muscles, a mother-to-be or a sexagenarian with chronic pain, Clinical Pilates training from the right source can be very effective and useful.

How is the practice of Clinical Pilates different from Pilates?

Both Clinical Pilates and Pilates are built on the same basic principles as proposed by Joseph Pilates. However, Clinical Pilates unlike the regular Pilates class at the gym is more specific and altered to rectify a specific problem or a need of the human body. When you get started with the practice in a group, you will find that each individual is performing his or her own set of activities using the same set of Pilates equipment.

Can the Pilates instructor prescribe Clinical Pilates too?

No! The practice of clinical Pilates needs a specifically trained instructor for maximum safety and benefits. A Clinical Pilates instructor is trained to assess the body of the individual and consider all prior injuries and hi specific physiological needs.

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