Tips To Know Whether You Need a Physiotherapy or Sports Therapy

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26 June 2018

Most people are unaware whether they need physiotherapy or sports therapy for their injury, and which practitioner could offer them the most appropriate treatment. The answer is that both the professionals are well trained and insured to treat musculoskeletal disorders. But there are few differences in their training and the way of approach. Here we have given an overview of the two professions and difference to help you identify the appropriate practitioner who can help you get back to optimal fitness.

Both the sports therapist and the physiotherapists in Perth are highly educated and trained to deal with pain, musculoskeletal disorders, and injuries through rehabilitation, hands-on treatment modalities and patient education. Both the treatment methods focus on restoring, maximizing and maintaining movements, relieve pain and increase the quality of life.

Both the therapists have the knowledge and skills to

  • Diagnose and assess injuries
  • Provide a personalised treatment plan that could maximise the movement and physical independence
  • Explain their patients how to reduce pain and manage chronic injuries
  • Implement rehabilitation programmes
  • Provide tips to their patients on how to stay fit and well

Some of the shared treatment approaches that are used to assist the recovery include

  • Massage
  • Taping
  • Acupuncture
  • Varied stretching techniques
  • Bodywork and mobilisations
  • Electrotherapy modalities
  • Biomechanics analysis
  • Exercise prescription
  • Patient¬†education

Key Difference between Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists

As both the professionals possess more similarities and you may get confused to take the right decision whether to get treatment from a physio in Perth or sports therapist, so we have mentioned a few key difference between the two professionals.

  • The physiotherapists have wider knowledge and medical background. This helps them to treat various diseases, illness, respiratory and neurological issues. This makes them ideal for treating a wide range of patients including the patients with multiple conditions.
  • The sports therapists have exposure to sporting environments at an undergraduate level and this makes them ideal for providing specific strengthening programmes to prevent sports injuries.
  • Performing physiotherapy in Perth can rehabilitate the patients to allow them to feel more comfortable and helps to cope up with their day-to-day activities. On the other hand, the sports therapy focus on whether the patient has returned to the normal level or can maintain the required physical level for the specific sports activity they have to carry out.
  • Since the sports therapists have the sports-focused background and focus particularly on musculoskeletal rehabilitation, it makes them more attractive to the patients who are targeting to return to exercise.

It is vital to remember that the information mentioned above is the overview of both the professions.  Many sports therapists have the knowledge and experience in other areas of rehabilitation. On the other hand, many physiotherapists specialize in sports rehabilitation. So it is recommended to choose your practitioner based on the individual experience and expertise.

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