Tips to Make the Most Out of Sports Massage

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7 August 2017

Sports massage is a specific type of massage application techniques, concentrating on the body parts of the athletes that are subjected to repetitive stress or forceful movements. Sports massage in Perth can be very valuable to those who undergo regular physical activities. Massage therapists offer sports massage before and after an event to improve your performance and decrease your recovery period respectively. Other than that, you can have maintenance massage regularly as a form of treatment.

In Perth, sports massage enhances muscle flexibility, improves blood circulation, promotes endurance, eliminates trigger points, reduces exhaustion, and avoids blood pooling. It can also prepare you physically and mentally before an event. Follow the instructions given below and maximise the effects of sports massage,

Organise your appointments carefully

Make sure that your appointments do not clash with your training and events. You should not have any major training session or competition right after the therapy.

Talk openly

Communicate with your therapist about any problems or challenges you have before the start of the treatment. You should also let them know if you feel any tender spots during the massage session.

Take plenty of rest

It is not recommended to take part in any heavy workouts after the treatment. Allow your muscles to relax and rest. Otherwise, some of the effects of the massage would be diminished.


After a deep-tissue massage, it is best to stretch your muscles especially if there are any tighter spots. Your muscles would be warm and flexible after the therapy, so make use of it.

Hydrate your body after the treatment

This helps you to flush out the toxins that are released during your massage.

Thus, you can make sure you get your money’s worth from sports massage.

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