Women’s Fitness and Other Physiotherapy Services in Perth

Women’s Fitness and Other Physiotherapy Services
13 September 2017

Women may face a lot of health issues especially during pregnancy and after childbirth. All such issues can be easily combated through some simple methods and exercises. Physiotherapy offers many such solutions for women who want to remain fit during and after pregnancy. In the city of Perth in Australia, there are many such services available for women.

Pregnancy massage

Expecting mothers can opt for Pregnancy massage Perth. Pregnancy massage done during the second and third trimester of pregnancy helps in providing relief from pains and aches in muscles and joints which commonly accompany pregnancy. Massage also helps in reducing the swellings in the arms and legs. Apart from physical benefits, the massage also reduces stress and emotional tension commonly experienced during pregnancy.

Perth Pregnancy massage is suited to meet the requirements of the pregnant woman such as deep massage to provide pain relief or massage for relaxation. The woman is made as comfortable as possible during the massage session by using many pillows. Massage is done in a semi-reclining or side position. Care is taken by the massage therapists to prevent any kind of discomfiture to the client.


Exercises during pregnancy called antenatal exercises are available for pregnant women in Perth. Exercise during pregnancy helps in overcoming aches and pains besides maintaining muscle tone. Antenatal exercises help expecting mothers in maintaining fitness and strength during the 9 months of pregnancy when the body undergoes a lot of changes. Gyms, Pilates and hydrotherapy are all available for the women.

Postnatal exercises or exercises after childbirth are also available for new mothers. These exercises are suitable for women who want to get back in shape and regain their strength after childbirth. Physiotherapists specializing in women’s health have developed many such exercise techniques which are available for women such as specialized hydrotherapy classes and gym sessions.

Prenatal yoga

Prenatal yoga classes include many techniques which helps in reducing aches and pains caused due to the weight of the baby in the womb. The prenatal yoga classes also help in relieving many conditions associated with pregnancy such as headache, back pain, oedema, nausea, insomnia and sciatica. Another beneficial feature of yoga is that it helps a woman in preparing her body to experience labour and also improves recovery after delivery. Stress and anxiety often experienced by expectant mothers are also reduced through prenatal yoga.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a technique through which muscle efficiency is improved, pain is reduced and the spinal column is strengthened. Thus, this is a very effective method to gain strength for sporting and other activities along with spinal pain management and prevention. It also helps in speeding up post-operative recovery. People suffering with osteoporosis or arthritis can also opt for clinical Pilates.

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