How to Relieve Achy Joints with the Help of Physiotherapy?

19 April 2018

Most of us overlook the joints unless they cause severe pain. They provide support during the movements by connecting the bones. There are protective structures like muscles, cartilage, and ligaments that maintain the integrity and perfect alignment of the joints. Any disease or injury can cause discomfort and restrict the mobility of the affected person.

The Types of Joints:

There are many Synovial joints in the body. They have their ends lined by the substance that is known as articular cartilage. It is thick and separates the ends of bones from each other. There is a synovial fluid between the articular cartilage and bones. It is a lubricant that facilitates smooth movement of the bones. Then, the joint is enclosed by a capsule that keeps the synovial fluid intact in its place.

Causes of Joint Pain:

Usually, this problem occurs during the older ages.  As the body grows, it transforms into a degenerative stage. Mostly, it is caused due to worn articular cartilage. This cartilage causes inflammation in the joint that ultimately results in swelling and irritated joint capsule. This process can even lead to osteoarthritis in many cases. Some common causes of this pain are:

  • Inflammation of the Lining:

If a sudden relapse occurs in an existing joint injury, there is a possibility of thin tissues lining the joints due to which the tendons may get inflamed. This condition called traumatic synovitis can cause redness and pain in the joints.

  • Arthritis:

In this condition, more than one joints can be inflamed causing discomfort, stiffness, and pain in the affected areas. This condition restricts the movement by causing swelling in the joints.

  • Accidental Injuries:

The injuries caused due to accidents can cause joint pain. For example, the broken wrist, ankle, arm, hip, or leg fracture are the conditions leading to severe joint pain.

  • Damage to the Knee Cap:

When the cartilages behind the kneecap are softened and deteriorated, they can cause acute joint pain. This condition is commonly found in the athletes and it can also manifest in the people suffering from arthritis.

Treatment of Joint Pain Using Physiotherapy:

With the help of an experienced physiotherapist in Perth, you can get rid of achy joints. The treatment depends on an assessment of exact cause of the pain. Physiotherapy can prevent and reduce the degeneration of weak joints. It has preventive and symptom management capabilities for curing this condition. Some common remedies for the treatment of joint pain using this therapy are:

  • Lifestyle changes and incorporating simple movements in the day.
  • Simple exercises and structured workouts for remaining active.
  • Regular stretching and strengthening of muscles under the guidance of a physio in Perth.
  • Avoiding excessive load bearing and stress on the joints.
  • Seeking timely help for medication and physiotherapy in Perth to get started with a proper treatment.

The joint pain can be successfully prevented from further degeneration with the help of appropriate physiotherapy recommendation. You should lay your trust in a professional physiotherapist to avoid surgical intervention for this condition.

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