Antenatal Hydrotherapy

SportsMed Subiaco Antenatal Hydrotherapy

As your body adapts to its changing shape, it is not unusual to experience aches and pains during pregnancy.

Exercise during pregnancy helps maintain muscle tone which is vital to the support of the body’s joints and posture.

One of the best forms of exercise is water-based classes, where the buoyancy unloads the spinal and lower limb joints and provides gentle resistance to movement whilst the interaction with other soon-to-be mothers can provide a sense of comfort and establish a good support network.

SportsMed classes are offered in a modern, purpose-built hydrotherapy pool under the close supervision of qualified physiotherapists. Naturally all necessary precautions are taken to ensure you and your baby are safe and happy.

For more information please read the Antenatal Classes information brochure or contact SportsMed Subiaco today.

* Health Fund Rebates apply to antenatal and postnatal classes supervised by a Physiotherapist