Mat Pilates

SportsMed Subiaco Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is a form of training designed and directed by specially-trained physiotherapists to improve all-over-body strength and flexibility as well as restore optimum movement patterns.

All Pilates moves employ principles of focus, control, stability, breathing and promote establishment of the mind-muscle connection. Exercises specifically target muscles of the upper back and shoulders, low back and pelvis to facilitate improvements in and maintenance of optimum body postures and movement.

Mat Pilates is performed on the mat using body weight and small apparatus such as resistance bands, fitballs and dumbells. It can be a fantastic form of exercise for:

  • Improving postural awareness
  • Transitioning to or from a Clinical Pilates program as a course of rehabilitation
  • Improving athletic performance in sport and high-intensity exercise
  • Returning to exercise after pregnancy
  • Returning to exercise after injury
  • Those starting to get into exercise and needing guidance.
  • Getting fit in a safe, low load and controlled environment.

We begin with a thorough Pilates assessment which determines whether individuals are safe and suitable for Mat Pilates. During Mat Pilates classes, all exercises will be prescribed by a Physiotherapist in a small group setting. Each class will involve slightly different exercises and progressions in order to challenge clients and keep it interesting!

If you would like to know more about Mat Pilates, please read the Mat Pilates information brochure or contact the practice today.