Antenatal care

  • Our physiotherapists assess and treat all pregnancy-related musculoskeletal conditions including pelvic girdle pain, back pain, pubic pain, and wrist/hand conditions. Treatment can involve hands-on therapy, activity modifications, bracing or splinting and prescription of home exercises
  • Treatment also involves assessment and management of the pelvic floor using real-time ultrasound, even for women who have no leaking or pelvic floor dysfunction and just want to make sure they are doing their exercises correctly
  • SportsMed also run pregnancy hydrotherapy and pilates classes which may be suitable for you

Postnatal care

  • Below are areas your physiotherapist can provide education on, help to treat and manage after the birth of your baby:
    • Nipple, breast and perineal treatment
    • Pelvic floor muscles
    • Bowel and bladder care
    • Abdominal muscle separation
    • Safe return to exercise
  • Management will be tailored to you based on the type of delivery you have had, and the nature of your recovery
  • SportsMed also run postnatal Mums and Bubs hydrotherapy and pilates classes which may be suitable for you

Exercising during the childbearing year

  • Whilst it is an important time to maintain physical activity, often there may be medical limitations. It is necessary for all pregnant women to have a referral from a GP or obstetrician prior to attending our antenatal classes
  • You do not require a referral for postnatal exercise, but need to have seen your GP or obstetrician first, to make sure that you are safe to return to exercise
  • If you require further information about any of our classes, please speak to the reception staff or your physiotherapist

Ask at reception or call today on 9382 9600


  • Antenatal & Postnatal Care

    The childbearing year is a time that the female body undergoes many changes. A women’s health physiotherapist may be able to help you with these changes, and recovery both antenatally and postnatally.

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