Prenatal Yoga Classes

No previous yoga experience is required.

Designed to help alleviate some of the most common aches and pains associated with your changing body throughout pregnancy. Address pregnancy specific conditions like back pain, sciatica, headaches, nausea, oedema (swelling), restless legs, insomnia.

Your teacher will guide you through stretches to alleviate aches and pains from the extra weight of baby growing, while also supporting you to building strength as well as helping to prepare the body for birth and postpartum recovery.

The course also helps to alleviate the stress and anxiety associated with pregnancy, helping to keep both mum and bub calm, happy and healthy during this special time.

Connect with your baby through conscious breathing; begin to prepare for labour and birth.

Connect with other expecting mothers, who are each on their own journey at this sacred time of life.

Click here to read and download the Prenatal Yoga Classes information brochure.