At SportsMed Subiaco, this is always part of an overall treatment/management plan following a comprehensive physiotherapy assessment. The primary focus of this type of exercise is to optimise muscle recruitment and efficiency during functional tasks to reduce pain, improve movement and promote a strong and healthy spine.

All of our Clinical Pilates Physiotherapists are qualified in DMA Clinical Pilates, a scientific and evidence-based form of Pilates training endorsed and accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Clinical Pilates is highly effective for:

  • Spinal pain management and prevention
  • Sports-related strength & conditioning
  • Rehabilitation post-surgery or traumatic injury
  • Osteoporosis and arthritis management
  • Hypermobility disorder
  • Enhancing movement including agility and flexibility
  • Balance retraining
  • Pain management
  • Prenatal, antenatal and postnatal conditioning
  • Injury prevention for elite athletes, dancers, runners, golf players & sports people
  • General fitness and muscle toning
  • People of all ages including young adolescents to the elderly

At SportsMed Subiaco, we begin with a thorough clinical assessment to collect information on your past injury and medical history, any current issues and activity levels. Assessment of functional movements and specific tests are utilised to generate tailored exercises specific to your needs. This is followed by supervised sessions with your Physiotherapist known as semi-private tuition. During these sessions, you will use specialised Pilates equipment including reformers and trapeze tables as well as some mat-based exercises as part of your exercise regime. Thorough feedback and correction will be provided throughout to ensure correct technique and performance. There is often additional exercise advise during these sessions related to stretching, postural control, ergonomics and cardiovascular fitness.

Once you feel confident and competent with the use of the equipment and exercises, your Physiotherapist will then provide you with an individualised program that you will be able to perform independently within our studio. Your Physiotherapist will continue to monitor your performance of this program and modify your exercises as you advance towards your goals.

You are also able to participate in a small-group circuit class within our studio. The circuit class will run by one of our Physiotherapists who will continue to oversee your performance and make any adjustments where needed. Home or gym-based programs can also be developed specifically for you.

If you would like to know more about Clinical Pilates, please view our resource link below.

Private Health Fund rebates apply to initial assessments, supervised sessions and circuit classes.


  • Clinical Pilates

    Clinical Pilates is a form of stability training designed and directed by specially-trained physiotherapists to restore optimal spinal control and alignment during movement.

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