SportsMed Subiaco’s Orthopaedic Physiotherapists offer post-operative care by providing:

  • Individualized assessment and examination
  • Exercise prescription relevant to the stage of recovery and surgeon’s protocol
  • Superior myofascial treatment/massage techniques
  • Retraining of optimal muscle recruitment
  • Retraining of movement strategies and optimal biomechanics
  • Video analysis & technique correction (including use of Motion Metrix)
  • Patient-centered approach focused on achieving your specific goals
  • Direct communication with your surgeon and other health care providers

Using advanced techniques and evidence-based care, we assist with helping tissue healing and repair, reducing stiffness and pain, increasing mobility, improving function and overall wellbeing. We advocate a multidisciplinary approach to patient care wherever possible, to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients of all ages and all levels of recovery and fitness.

Advantages of Post-Operative Rehabilitation at SportsMed Subiaco include:

  • SportsMed Subiaco inpatient and outpatient physiotherapists work closely with SJOG Subiaco Hospital’s orthopaedic surgeons to ensure your best outcome.
  • Comprehensive care from the immediate, acute post-operative stage to final-stage post-operative rehabilitation.
  • Several in-house rehabilitation options, including:

    • Hydrotherapy in our state-of-the-art heated hydrotherapy pool
    • Supervised exercise programs in our fully-equipped gymnasium
    • GLA:D program which provides both pre- and post-operative rehabilitation
    • Clinical Pilates program (in our Clinical Pilates Studio) for end stage/advanced rehabilitation
  • Clinical consistency and monitoring with a team approach
  • Ease of Accessibility