Physiotherapy extends from health promotion to injury prevention, acute care, rehabilitation, maintenance of functional mobility, chronic disease management, patient and carer education and occupational health. Did you know that GPs refer more patients to physiotherapists than any other healthcare profession.

Using advanced techniques and evidence-based care, we diagnose, treat and prevent a wide range of health conditions and movement disorders, helping repair damage, reduce stiffness and pain, increase mobility and improve overall wellbeing. We advocate a multidisciplinary approach to patient care wherever possible, to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients of all ages and all levels of fitness.

We pride ourselves on evidence-based Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy, and strongly support the notion of complete and total injury rehabilitation and management. To preserve the Organisation’s excellence in diagnosis and management and to uphold our reputation as the premier Sports Medicine facility in Western Australia, all SportsMed Subiaco practitioners actively pursue and continually develop, improve and broaden their clinical knowledge and therapeutic skills.