Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation

SportsMed Subiaco Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation

SportsMed Subiaco has a state-of-the-art indoor heated hydrotherapy pool, perfect for the relief and treatment of arthritic pain, back pain and during the early post-operative recovery period.

Hydrotherapy combines the benefits of buoyancy to decrease load through joints whilst still allowing for some strengthening due to the effects of drag and resistance.

Hydrotherapy is suitable for:

  • Arthritis
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Mobility programs
  • Back pain
  • Early-stage injury rehabilitation

All of our Physiotherapists are trained in hydrotherapy and commonly include this treatment in their comprehensive programs.

At Sportsmed Subiaco, hydrotherapy rehabilitation can be undertaken on an individual (supervised) or independent (unsupervised) basis, as determined by our dedicated group of Physiotherapists. For more information please refer to the hydrotherapy information brochure.